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SOLD  19th Century Large Toy Child'S Noah'S Ark 14 Animals And 1 Person


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19th Century Large Toy Child's Noah's Ark 14 Animals  and 1 Person


The large size 19th century ark, (circa 1880) retains most of its original paint. The roof has a painted dove on it.


Noah's ark was a popular toy in Victorian times as children were permitted/encouraged to play with it on Sundays.


The animals are hand-made and hand painted. There are 6 pairs of animals, 2 without partners and Noah's wife.


Approximate Dimensions: The ark is 22" long x 8 3/4” high x 6” deep. The animals are 2 3/4” to 2" high. The person is 4” high. 


Condition: As found in its original paint. One side of the lid is slightly warped. Wear to paint on front roof and one of the pointed ends (see photo).  Original pins and hooks to close lid. All of the animals have 4 legs and stand alone. One is missing a horn, 1 missing an ear, one horse and the camel are missing a tail See photos.