Steven Goldiuk

SOLD  Horn Furniture By Charles Warder From Niagara Falls Ontario


Uptowne AntiquesSteven Goldiuk is located in Port Hope, Ontario

This is for one cow horn chair  and stool made from cow horns and oak, by Charles Warder from Niagara Falls Ontario in 1933 .the chair is 38 1/2 inch's tall the back at the widest is 18 inch's and at the top of the chair is 11 inch's .the seat is 16 inch's from the floor. The stool is 18 inch's square made from oak and trimmed in cow horns and stands 13 1/2 inch's tall .The stool has a tag made by Charles warder in 1933.

In October 6 1943 Clare Wallace "They Tell Me" did a radio interview with Charles Warder on her talk radio show .enclosed is the script and letters from the show .