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 Odd Piece By Ewald Rentz


PhilShadfly Folk Art Gallery and Antiques is located in Port Dover, Ontario

This is one of the weirdest pieces you will ever find that was made by noted Canadian folk artist Ewald Rentz, from Beardmore Ontario. 

Here is a link to his bio

We bought it along with everything else folk art wise that was left in his house after his death in 1995.  It is something he made early on, probably in the late 70's, and is unlike anything else I have seen by him.  It is known that he did experiment with assemblage before moving into predominately carved pieces. Here he has used a discarded baby doll head and attached it to an old oil lamp base, and then added the little leather arms and orange ribbon.  The orange ribbon turns up on many of his early pieces. It is as found, and in excellent original condition.  Unsigned, but comes with letter of authentication.  It is a great piece to add to a Rentz collection as it shows another side of his creativity.  6" circumference, 13 1/3" tall.  You'll never see another one like it.