Roger Young

 Coleman Lantern With Fishing/Camping Diorama



Roger_YoungRoger Young is located in Keene, Ontario

Mid-century Coleman lantern re-purposed with a modern artistic touch! Older kerosene lantern, burner removed and an 'outdoors' diorama added, along with conversion to LED lighting. Created by renowned Chris Pearson, one of America's finest modelers. This is called "Bear Visit", and shows a Mama bear and her cub strolling into a campsite where a woman is preparing breakfast at a campfire in front of a tent, while her husband fishes from a canoe in the nearby stream. The bear and cub obviously like the thought and smell of a cooked meal and have invited themselves to dine. Chris Pearson made only a handful of such pieces. They are very rare, and he has said there will be no more to follow. This is an exceptional opportunity to obtain a wonderfully humorous example of his playful and creative imagination. It provides a soft light, very suitable in a den or bedroom environment. Selling at cost. One only.