Roger Young

Offering extremely rare and authentic antique 'display sample' canoes and model kayaks; some Canadiana furniture; antique 'investment quality' decoys; Northwest Coast Native artifacts; misc. outdoor collectibles (wildlife carvings); some art.

I have lived almost 8 decades; for most of those years I have been a gatherer and collector, not often a seller. Occasionally, when reorganizing my collections or shopping for something to add, I parted with a piece. Over the years, I collected in many areas - art, furniture, decoys, canoes. etc. I bought and sold at antique shows, helped organize Canadian decoy collectors, even appeared on tv - Canadian Pickers & Pawnathon Canada.

Recently, I moved to smaller quarters, and now lack sufficient space to keep many things I have enjoyed. Advancing age now also suggests that I divest. Thus, I offer you the opportunity to share some of the things that have brought me much satisfaction and pleasure over the years - select, quality pieces, often rarely ever available. My presence on these pages is not so much that of a 'dealer', but a fellow collector searching to find new homes for wonderful objects which I believe warrant continued preservation and enjoyment. Do let me know if you are tempted; I'm always open to discuss items and negotiate terms - offers are invited. Thanks for looking.

A visit to my website (see below) will more fully explain my collecting background, current interests, notable pieces and buying opportunities. I can also be found in several Facebook groups. I belong to the Midwest Decoy Collectors Association, the Canadian Decoy & Outdoor Collectibles Association, the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association, and provide consulting assistance/appraisals for several leading museums. From time to time, I curate exhibits and do public displays for collector groups, the Wisconsin and Canadian Canoe Museums. Be sure to visit and support your local institutions, perhaps become a member, too.

Roger Young
Keene, Ontario

Phone: 705 457 7718