L. D. Jacobs Collection

 Germanic Dry Sink From Pennsylvania

L. D. Jacobs Collection is located in Muskoka, Ontario

Here is the description of this rare and important dry sink provided by the well-respected antique dealer from the "Upper Canadian" November-December 1994.

"Simply the best

It is rare if not unique, to find a dry sink of such quality and refinement.  In its original comb-grained finish, never overpainted except the well, the stature is extraordinary.  The bold backboard is a stylized tulip design associated with furniture of Germanic influence.  The bracket base, overlapping drawers, paneled sides, and detailed waist molding are other features of merit typical of furniture made by a schooled cabinet maker.  Dating from the 3rd Quarter 19th century."  

50" W  50" Tall Overall   23"  D