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SOLD  Markham, Ontario, Haussegen (House Blessing): Fraktur Attributed To Pennsylvania German Folk Artist Simeon B. Reesor, 1829-1909


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Haus-Segen (House Blessing) Fraktur attributed to Simeon B. Reesor (1829-1909), a Mennonite folk artist from Markham Township, Ontario, Canada. Reesor adapted the nine-hearts format of Pennsylvania Fraktur artist Joseph Lochbaum in making Fraktur birth certificates for friends and relatives. For examples of Fraktur birth certificates attributed to Reesor see Michael Bird's Ontario Fraktur: A Pennsylvania German Folk Tradition in Early Canada, plates 70-73. This Fraktur may be the only known extant Haus-Segen produced by Pennsylvania Germans in Ontario because there are none illustrated in Bird's comprehensive study. It includes many traditional Pennsylvania German motifs, including paired angels, tulips, hearts and stars. The color palette consists of muted shades of red, green, yellow and blue. Professionally mounted in period frame. Unframed: 14" w. 10 1/2" h. Framed: 18" w. 14 1/4" h.