Cheviot Treasures

 Forged Iron Spring Lock


Cheviot TreasuresCheviot Treasures is located in Oakville, Ontario


The main plate is in the shape of a house but with the addition of 2 squared ears to the left & the right of the crest. The keyhole & key bit are S-shaped. Mounted between the main plate and the backplate are the drawback spring, the bolt, the staples, the tumbler and the tumbler spring. The key boward and bow area are a simple oval. There are 4 holes for nails in the backplate. Has it’s original key. Hand-forged wrought iron. 5 ½” x 5 ½” inches excluding the bolt. Found in Eastern Ontario but likely of Quebec or European origin. In the early days of settlement in North America most locks were foreign made. Circa 1700’s.

$135.00 CAD