Bisback Family Antiques

 Waterloo Co. Pecking Hens Toy


Bisback Family AntiquesBisback Family Antiques is located in 72040 London Road, (hwy#4) R.R. # 1 Hensall Ontario N0M 1X0

this is a typical Mennonite type toy,  the hand carved birds are approx 7 in in length, the circle is 12 in in diameter., and there is  ring to which the strings are attached below.   there is "corn " (gravel or sand) in the centre of the disc and when the strings are manipulated the hens bob up and down pecking for their food.  

a toy of this size, might have allowed more than one child to make their bird peck perhaps?

toy is 20th Century,  perhaps 1950's or 60's