Bisback Family Antiques

 Small Decorative Box


Bisback Family AntiquesBisback Family Antiques is located in 72040 London Road, (hwy#4) R.R. # 1 Hensall Ontario N0M 1X0

a very sweet little decorated box,    it is made of basswood,  and you will note that the latch has been replaced.(which I would remove)

   on the up side  it has three sides of wonderful sketches of  grapes growing on vines and  a landscape on the top of the lid as well as two more delightful bits on the sides of trees and landscape.    Delightful.   

dimensions are 9x6x6 inches     

I would guess that it is from the 20th C  first quarter    due to wire nails. 

no history,  the folky nature of the decorations are it's shining glory