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 Moffat Cast Iron Match Safe


Bisback Family AntiquesBisback Family Antiques is located in 72040 London Road, (hwy#4) R.R. # 1 Hensall Ontario N0M 1X0

 A Canadian company from Weston Ontario ( now part of Toronto)  the match safe has an interesting feature of a face .  The Moffat Stove Company, which moved to Denison Ave. west of Jane St.

in 1893, is credited with inventing the first electric ranges for the domestic market. And although the Moffat family sold the business in 1953, stoves and refrigerators continued to be built at the Weston plant until the early 1970s.

measurements are  7 3.4 inches high and 3 1/4 inches wide approx.       please contact us for more information if needed.