Bisback Family Antiques

 “Jacob Roth” Piece Of Folk Art


Bisback Family AntiquesBisback Family Antiques is located in 72040 London Road, (hwy#4) R.R. # 1 Hensall Ontario N0M 1X0

we attribute this charming piece of folk art to Jacob Roth. he  was born in Waterloo Co in 1896 and died in 1990.  he moved to Ailsa Craig in 1975 to live with his son on a farm he owned.  now in his late 70’s he began creating sculptures in the workshop out back . they were memories of his life on the farm near Punkydoodles Corners. he continued his craft well into his 90’s. 

this piece is known as “skidding out the logs “  dimemsions - 22.5” by 12.75” by 8.25”   to discuss this piece with Peter, please call him. 5198603509