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SOLD  Blue Banded Apothecary Jar Attributed To Napanee Glassworks


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the Napanee Glassworks was a venture of John Herring, a very successful foundryman.  He  envisioned a glassworks as another way to employ men and help lift the town out of a recession.   It produced bottles and whimsys  such as  glass canes etc.  but alas the factory failed  after operating for only 3 yrs.  1881 to 1883  .  Many apothecary bottles were attributed to this glassworks and were found across Ontario.  the site of the glassworks is now gone and there has been some archeological digs done in the past.  a few shards give a hint as to the output.

the total height of the jar with it's lid is approx  10.5 inches tall.  the lid has a applied blue blob on the clear glass top, the lid sits down on the bottom piece settling inside the upper rim by way resting on the blue band of applied glass.   the bottom piece of glass has a rough pontil scar.   there is a photo attempting to show the crossover of one of the blue bands.   there are three bands of applied blue glass. 

the lid is approx 4 inches tall and has an applied top. 

another very rare piece of Canadian glass.  

there are 6 photos to view  

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