Bisback Family Antiques

 Basket With Woven Handle


Bisback Family AntiquesBisback Family Antiques is located in 72040 London Road, (hwy#4) R.R. # 1 Hensall Ontario N0M 1X0

this is a very nicely crafted basket,  the handle is 2 inches wide with a bit of damage (see close up) but not too noticeable.   

12 inches in diameter with a height of 8 inches  but rectangular  at the bottom, 8.5 inches by 8 inches .   it appears to have something glued to the bottom of the basket.  there is some green staining on the bottom of the basket.   

many baskets made in the early 20th C were handmade by First Nations women to add income to their household.  please email if interested