Does this apply to you?
Are your valuables adequately insured?
Have you suffered a loss from fire, theft, or other mishap?
Do you want help planning your estate?
Are you facing divorce or separation?
Is your small business adequately insured?
Do you need to refinance your business?
Do you want to sell some antiques or an entire estate?

How can we help?
Barry Ezrin Antiques and Appraisals offers a comprehensive range of services including both personal property appraisal as well as the purchasing and sale of antiques.

Appraisal Services
When dealing with personal property valuation, it is best to plan ahead rather than react to a crisis.

We offer a professional valuation of all your personal property assets to ensure adequate insurance protection. This same personal property valuation is a great tool with estate planning. When it comes to a crisis, such as property loss through fire or other mishap, we do post-loss valuations. Divorce and separation are tense situations and the need for equitable distribution of family assets is aided by our professional, objective valuation. When it comes to business financing, more than ever you need to have an accredited appraisal of your business assets. We can provide this valuation for your financial institution.

Barry Ezrin has been an appraiser for 10 years for individuals and institutions. Barry is a member of the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group (CPPA)*. If you have any questions or wish a free consultation, please contact Barry.
*(CPPA: Formed in 1985, Canada Personal Property Appraisers Group is a national body dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of care and professionalism in appraising personal property)